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Nagano puts little wasabi on sushi. If you do not like it, let us know.


If you have a food allergy or special dietary needs, please notify a member of our hospitallity team.

Roll(Maki): filled with a variety of ingredients and sliced into bite-sized pieces.

                         can either be wrapped in seaweed with the rice and fillings inside

                         or served “inside-out” where the rice is on the outside.                  

                         If you’ve never had sushi before, a vegetable roll or California roll is a great place to startstart


Sushi(Nigiri): a bite-sized mound of sushi rice is topped with a piece of raw or cooked fish.

                              To hold the rice and fish together, nigiri sometimes has a small dot of wasabi between the two

                              or a small strip of seaweed to bind them.


Sashimi: thinly sliced pieces of raw fish. No rice, no seasoning—just the freshest fish possible.

                     usually served plain or on a bed of sliced Japanese radishes known as daikon.